Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Romance

So yeah my current obsession is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance... Idk why though...

Anyways there's less than a week until one of my best friends comes to visit and I'm so excited! Thanksgiving with him is gonna be super fun!!!! :)

Ps. I realized that in part of Bad Romance she's literally making references to Alfred Hitchcock movies, Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, Sicko!!! That definitely gave her points in my eyes

I want your psycho Your vertigo stick Want you in my rear window Baby it's sick I want your love Love, Love, Love I want your love (Love, Love, Love I want your love)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Jambo, jambo bwana. Habari gani mazuri sana. Wageni, wageni (some word I forgot). Kenya yetu hakuna matata.

Hey so once again my life has been hectic since summer started. I went to Costa Rica first which was great but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be... I thought it would be amazing but for the time I was there it was good but never life changing. I stayed with a family that consisted of a mother, father and three children in a two bedroom house. It was cramped and I definitely got to experience another side of life.
I then went to Kenya which was the most amazing experience of my life. When I look back on my posts I realize what a whiny loser I sounded like because the kids that I met and worked with in Kenya have real problems to overcome and although mine seem huge, in the grand scheme of things they will all work themselves out. I'm going to try to attach an essay I wrote about Kenya. It's too amazing to put into words but if people want to hear about it I'll write more about in a special post by request.
So I'm at my new school and I like it a lot. I feel like my life has resembled the song by All Time Low, Weightless. "Maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year", I have a feeling and I hope that this will be my year, I have so much I want to do for Children of Kibera and in general and I just feel this light waiting to get out.

On another note one of the guys that gave me so much trouble last year is coming to visit me in two weeks :)! I've gotten a lot closer to him again and he's one of my best friends. He can always make me happy, believes in me and supports me. He still frustrates me but I guess you just have to take the good with the bad.

Some songs from the Children of Red Rose:
"On on on we are marching on the children of Red Rose are marching on. We can march on the land we can march on the sea we can really march in the air"
"Down in the Jungle where nobody goes there's a big elephant washing his clothes with a rumba rumba here and a rumba rumba there that's the he washes his clothes. Boogie down down boogie woogie that's he washes his clothes."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Changes, Hecticness and Parties

Woah long time since last post! SO a lot has happened like um.. I forgot lol! I've been so busy lately seeing movies and hanging out ect. So i'm officially switching schools again lol! And I'm going down to Atl to get my liscence soon thank god! :) I have exams coming up, oh track ended. We went to states and got 6th my 4 by 1 team placed and ended up doing a hell of a lot better than we were expected to do :). I'm packing for Costa Rica and Kenya since those trips are fastly approaching, I got all of my shots except one and I have to start taking Malaria pills soon which is creepy! What else happened... idk my life has just been hectic lately. But I love living in DC/Maryland there's so much more to do around here and it's more of a city than Atlanta is by a mile. I don't miss Atlanta as much anymore, not even the people really. I mean I'll always remember them but they're more part of my past and I'm looking towards the future and at least I realized what type of friendship we had now instead of later. I also decided to leave some old friendships. I was trying so hard to make them work but I've realized that maybe you can't really work out problems as big as we had. I'm making myself sick trying and really i don't need them as a friend. I wanted them as a friend but if that can't happen then that's too bad. I'll still call them if I'm around and hanging out in a really big group, I think, but otherwise if it's a small group or someone else isn't invited then I'm not inviting them. It's just not worth it to me anymore. So yes I must go back to my "busy busy busy" life. Oh and I will say that everyone should watch Glee next fall because it was so good last night! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Failure and Success

Should I write myself  out of the history books  and mark a place in time  for every chance you took  dont get me wrong  I know you've got your life in place  I've yet to take the hint someday  I'm sure I'll get the picture  Stop Waiting Up   When it all comes down  to a sunrise on the east side  will you be there to carry home  the remains of my wasted youth  this wasted time on you has left me  shaking in waiting,  shaking in waiting for something more 

Get out, goodbye Get out of my life Goodnight  And you're hot, cold You're not available You run while I lose control I miss you Forever you'll stay gold You know I'm not getting by I've lost it, you're in my mind And everyday's the darkest of my life (life) (I never said I was the best thing for you)  Baby, where'd you go?  I need you here tonight  Singing myself to sleep And you're still my favorite melody It's been three weeks How long can this go on?  Singing myself to sleep And you're haunting every memory  Get out, goodbye, get out of my life 'cause I'm drowning (when I close my eyes) And I'm fallin' (can't breath tonight) And a story I fade to black inside (I never said I was the best thing for you)
How do I find myself in these situations? It's called idiocy because a smart person would've realized the danger, especially after being in the same situation, through out the past year, and would've avoided getting hurt. Yet, Alexis being her smart self once again dives into something albeit more slowly this time, just to find out what she thought was over was only "complicated", thanks for telling me before and then not responding after. I'm not sure if I can keep waiting, i've tried I really have but I'm done... Btw I have not broken my guy sabbatical, I have sucessfully avoided dating! 

Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok so I've realized that I sound like a boy crazy freak in half of these posts. But I'm really not I promise, I'm just a walking hypocrite mostly. I don't believe in teenage love but I'd like to find it. Yet, I think it's impossible so yeah... Plus I'm independent I don't need a guy and I really have more things going on in my life. So I'm gonna stop talking about guys for a while. 

WTK and FTSK Cop Run In

So I was up at about One to Three O'clock this morning, forgot which due to my haziness lol and i log on to see that We The Kings and Forever The Sickest Kids have been beaten by the cops in Philadelphia for absolutely no reason! What is this ridiculousness?!

Hm.. I think the song I'm listening to is about getting high/hard off of grinding. Now the hard think I can completely get since I'm guessing warm fuzzy sensations would be felt in the happy zone during the act of grinding (Yes I said the act of grinding lol) but high? Really now? If you're gonna get high on anything why wouldn't you just choose an actual drug? Pshh kids these days waste their youth on grinding instead of drugs. Drugs not love!

Lol that las thing so reminds me of this history teacher at my school, not in a creepy way or anything though. So... I fucking love this song! Anyway, so he tells this guy no love without gloves and he calls this girl the village bicycle lol! 

I think I'm gonna kicked off the track team because I skip like two practices a week. Idk I feel guilty but I'm really stressed with homework and projects right now and I hate track. Who decided it was fun to run around in a circle? I mean... wait actually that is kind of fun but only when you can do it at your own pace. I think I need new music because the whole pop/punk is starting to piss me off, I might go to my friend and ask him for more music for the third time... Except wait i copied his suggestions from the last time! Yes, I've avoided that situation :) Party Hearty Hearty... I'm so strange! 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lots of Updates/ I'm Done

Well Updates! The concert last night was fabulous literally one of my best experiences all year! And I'm not going to Sadie's this week, thank god! :) But I think I might throw an anti sadies' extravaganza... even though i for some reason signed myself up for the committee. 

Now onto the being done part. So my ex boyfriend has decided that he's going to tell me everything about his current love life today. Including the fact that he made out with a girl the weekend after we broke up and that he got a semi lapdance last night. And i'm cool with that because I'm not sure if I really liked him like that to begin with. ( I mean we had awesome chemistry but after I started dating him I realized it was friend chemistry and not boyfriend/girlfriend chemistry). But just because I'm basically over him except for those few moments I miss him doesn't mean I need to hear all about his current exploits. I don't tell him about mine out of respect I think I deserve the same treatment. I mean it's been a month, exactly a month actually and yes we're still friends but that doesn't mean I want to be the one who has to be like I let your balls drop and ask her out. I mean that's what I told him to do because that's what he needs to do. Mi madre was right don't date emotional guys because they just bring baggage and drama, even after you break. Now that I've written that all out I feel a lot better :) and now i'm gonna go back to watching and listening to All Time Low who are so HOT!